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Yale Day of Service

Updated: Jun 11

Every year, the Yale Alumni Association (YAA) leads the Day of Service, with activities in New Haven and around the world. Here at YAAA, we have been organizing events in the MENA region for the last few years and are excited to keep this tradition going.


Vanessa Marsot ('91) and her friends led a Day of Service event on May 14th at Umm Kulthum Park in Cairo. The aim was to raise awareness about the environmental and health advantages of vegan and plant-based diets. The event

was in collaboration with the “ Vegan in Our House” restaurant which helped to offer samples to pedestrians and discuss the benefits of a vegan diet. The Day of Service concluded with a delicious vegan potluck in the park.


On May 15th Yale’s alumni from the School of Architecture and Management with friends worked together to clean Messilah Public Beach, a well-known beach in Kuwait. Friends worked together to comb the beach for litter and sort it for recycling.

Five large bags of waste including plastics, metals, compost materials, and non-recyclables were collected. It was a joyful experience and the day ended with friends networking while enjoying chilled fresh juices.

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