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News From Campus (January 2024)

Yale at COP28 From greening global trade to reducing the “embodied” carbon emissions in building materials to de-fossilizing our economy through innovation in green chemistry and green engineering, Yale faculty participating in COP28 emphasized a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the climate crisis. Read more here:

Yale Alumni Dinner in Riyadh

In early December, Yale alumni gathered for a dinner in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Rebecca Cramer, Associate Director of International Development at Yale, shared updates from the university and Shady M. Qubaty '20 shared updates from the Yale Arab Alumni Association.

The dinner was a delightful opportunity for alumni to reconnect, reminisce and discuss future collaborations. It became evident that there was a strong desire among participants to increase engagement and create more opportunities for alumni in the region to meet. To facilitate this, the idea of establishing a WhatsApp group emerged. This group aims to serve as a dynamic platform for Yale alumni residing in the Middle East to organize frequent gatherings, share experiences and strengthen their network within the community.

Click here to join the WhatsApp group: 

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