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Our June 2023 Alumni Spotlights

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Ismail El Hailouch '20

Ismail graduated from Yale in 2020 with a double major in NELC and Economics. He also did research in psychology and produced three publications. Ismail is currently working in AI at Turing, a unicorn startup based in Palo Alto. He formerly worked at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he provided advice to six Fortune 500 customers across a range of industries. Ismail has a great sense of loyalty to his native Morocco where he was born and raised. He has lived abroad for the past seven years, but still feels a connection to his country and wants to apply his global experiences in a career back home . Ismail is a member of OPUS, a prestigious professional network for aspiring business leaders situated in London. Additionally, he belongs to the Chief of Staff Association.

Dima Srouji '16

Dima had a memorable time at Yale when she was studying architecture and attending her classes in the art department. In 2016, she received her degree from the Yale School of Architecture. She has since been employed in the fields of architecture and art. Dima was born, raised, and has familial ties to the Middle East on both sides. She continues to work there on occasion for particular projects. Dima was the Victoria & Albert Museum's 2022–2023 Jameel Fellow. She currently oversees the MA City Design studios at the Royal College of Art in London. The Corning Museum of Glass and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam have lately added some of her creations to their permanent collections. Dima will be delighted if you would like to discuss anything related to visual arts, city design, and architecture!

Vanessa Marsot '91

Vanessa majored in women's studies and literature at Yale. Since receiving her degree in 1991, she has worked as a licensed psychotherapist, yoga and aerial arts instructor and entrepreneur. She runs a vegan health facility and is currently working with Environmental Quality International (EQI) to convert various hotels in Siwa, Egypt, to a vegan lifestyle. In addition to her current job, Vanessa has worked as a model, an actor, and an English teacher in Paris. She has managed mental health facilities and performed personal training. Vanessa's Egyptian mother taught Egyptian history at a university, and Ahmed Lutfi el-Sayed was her great uncle. Additionally, Vanessa is working with Mounir Neamatalla to renovate his hotels in Siwa. Many people showed interest and discussed vegan food at the Yale Day of Service event thanks to Vanessa's fundamental commitment to making healthy food accessible. If you are interested in joining a wellness or yoga retreat in Siwa, Vanessa will be happy to arrange it.

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